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What does Iowa City have to offer?


Find your place in Iowa City.

Home of the Hawkeyes, Iowa’s first capital, and the University of Iowa.  Iowa City tradition blends small-town charm with big city opportunities, keeping students, arts and culture at the forefront of the community.  ICON’s campus is peppered with coffee shops, restaurants, shops, theaters, and more.

  1. Iowa City is known as the greatest small city for the arts!  
  2. Iowa City was named one of the best American cities for creatives!
  3. Iowa City was ranked on of the best places to live in the United States!
Iowa Q & A with staff and students
What was your view of Iowa before moving here?  Field of Dreams, Cornfields and tornados.
What surprised you most after moving to Iowa City? The amount of arts culture is incredible and exceeded my expectations; the theatre scene is abounding and full of talent equal to that in other major cities! It seems like every weekend there is a festival of sorts and a theatrical production happening all the time.
Why should others move to Iowa City? There is always something to do and getting to do these things is always convenient. Iowa City is an arts forward city with lots of opportunities for artists to perform and take in. The city is beautiful!


Check out our Iowa City Staging Parters (scroll to the bottom)!

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