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Students at ICON’s Summer Intensives are immersed in a comprehensive and rigorous 1- or 2-week program designed to ignite their creativity, nurture growth, and unlock their artistic potential. ICON’s summer intensives are carefully crafted to cultivate collaboration, active engagement, and individualized instruction within a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.

From Monday to Friday, plus Saturday morning workshops, students embark on a journey to explore and refine their artistic skills.

At ICON, we believe in providing more than just a program; we offer an experience. Our summer intensives feature training sessions, invaluable insights, and practical knowledge delivered by world-renowned instructors and industry professionals.

Be Seen. Be Valued. Be Heard.

Classical Dance

2 Week Session, June 10 – 22

Directors: Leslie Nolte & Loren Williams

7th grade+

Iowa Conservatory’s classical dance intensive is open to serious dancers in 5th – 12th grades, preparing them for the next step in their dance education or their career. This intensive serves as a stepping stone for classical dance students that are looking to make the jump into pre-professional or professional programs all over the country. The connections students make with faculty are invaluable and lead students to interact with some of the most respected names in the industry.

Contemporary & Jazz Dance

2 Week Session, July 15 – 27

Director: Leslie Nolte

7th grade+

Iowa Conservatory’s contemporary and jazz dance intensive is for serious dancers pursuing rigorous training in the expansive and current dance industry. Dancers build their capacity for a variety of work in the areas of video, film, and live music dance settings. Dancers explore specific choreographers’ styles while also building their own creative portfolio. Collaborating with expert teacher artists, students will focus on both technique and improvisation. 

Musical Theatre

July 1 – July 13

Directors: Lenni Stone & Max Moreno

6th grade+

ICON’s musical theatre workshop offers intensive programming for all levels! Students are divided by age for daily singing, acting, and dance classes to work on foundational and technical work. The youngest groups focus on learning dramatic and improvisational skills as an ensemble. Older groups focus on professional level musical and scene study. Within this workshop, ICON includes exceptional masterclasses with special guests artists from Broadway. Afternoons are spent putting our training to use in rehearsals for a final showcase, which will feature all participants. 

Drawing, Painting, and Illustration

July 22 – 27

Director: Kyle Powell

6th – 12th grade

For those interested in visual art, this is an opportunity to seriously dive into your passion and spend your days in the studio. Learn techniques and fundamentals in the mornings, and spend your afternoons learning about expression and artistic choices in the medium and subject matter of your choice.

Ballerina on pointe
Contemporary dance
Student on stage performing a musical
Students drawing and painting in ICON's art studio



All sessions require a $350 Registration Fee. If the student is interested in attending any field trips, there is an optional $250 Field Trip Fee. 

  • 1 WEEK SESSION: $525
  • 2 WEEK SESSION: $1,050


All sessions require a $350 Registration Fee. If the student is interested in attending any field trips, there is an optional $250 Field Trip Fee. 

  • 1 WEEK SESSION: $1,155
  • 2 WEEK SESSION: $2,310

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