Kathryn Edel

Director of Student Life

Number of Years in Industry

10 years


Kathryn Edel, University of Iowa Alumni, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has over ten years of administrative experience in healthcare and public service.  A lifelong volunteer, Kathryn has donated time to local nonprofits including serving on Emma Goldman Clinic’s Board of Directors, providing crisis counseling services at CommUnity Crisis Center, and engaging patients in conversations pertaining to health education at Iowa City Free Medical Clinic. 
Kathryn’s passion is identifying programmatic areas for improvement and utilizing creative problem-solving approaches for service enhancement.  Through Kathryn’s volunteer and professional experience, she has trained and mentored students in crisis counseling and prevention services; training the next generation on how to best service the community’s most vulnerable population needs.  Being born and raised in the Iowa City area, Kathryn is deeply committed to ensuring that the Iowa City community continues to be a sought-after, dynamic community – one that will continue to enrich the lives of many for years to come.
In her free time, Kathryn loves eating healthy, nourishing food; studying and practicing yoga; hiking in the woods with her beloved dog, Hermann; dancing with and chasing around her toddler son, Theo; and trying out new restaurants with her husband, James.

It is unique to find an academic environment that is deeply committed to providing students with a holistic experience which invites the potential for students to come as they are. From that starting point, endless opportunities are possible.

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