Iowa Conservatory Faculty & Staff

ICON Faculty & Staff

Our talented instructors, faculty and administrative staff are committed to providing the best educational experience for our students.

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Dance Faculty

Loren Williams

Theatre Arts Department Chair

Lenni Stone

Music Department Chair

Dr. Max Moreno

Operations Manager

Vicky Shellady

Founder and Head of School

Leslie Nolte

Design and Production Department Chair

Kristen Olinger

Visual Arts Department Chair

Kyle Sydney Powell

Design and Production Arts Faculty

Abigail Mansfield Coleman

Learning Coach

Devin Nolte

Dance Faculty

Breanna Dorsey

Director of Admissions

Dr. Jessica Frerich

Communications Specialist

Mary Talley

Residential Assistant

Dasia Taylor

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Beth Brown

Dean of Students

Dr. Timothy Williams

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